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      Geruva Publications is based in Jerusalem. I am Arnold Kochman, the operator. Geruva Publications has grown out of my endeavors in particular areas of interest. This work has been motivated in approximatly equal measure be three desires: to make a little money; to satisfy my curiosity; and to perform some public service. These departments are currently offered for your consideration:


Middle East Information Resource

I have tried to collect a large body of material from the recent history of this region in concise articles. I have tried, as much as possible, to deal with facts and avoid injecting value judgements into the material. No doubt, some will feel that I have fallen short of this goal; in this arena, even the spelling of a name can be interpreted as taking sides. However, it is my belief that if you devote sufficient time to reading these articles an understanding will emerge.

I update this database from time to time, and would be glad to receive contributions of material. The same information that is on line can be downloaded in aggregated form for a small charge.


4programmers.org    General Information    Odds and ends

There is a great deal of software available for free. However, finding what you want is not always so easy. I have developed a line of CD products that represent collections of software pertinent to various areas of interest, especially software development. These are publicly licensed or public domain software packages. There are no so called shareware programs or demo programs; all are without strings attached.

Most of the software could be found and downloaded by anyone with internet capability. Nevertheless, hundreds of customers every year find it worthwhile to save their time and effort by taking advantage of Geruva Publication resources.


Jewish Thought and Culture

We are pleased to offer audio CD's of some of the lectures of Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer. These were recorded live in the course of Rabbi Fleer's annual lecture tours.

Rabbi Fleer is a noted Kabbalist, teacher, and story teller. He appeals to people who are looking for a teacher of profound intelligence, integrity and compassion: he is a man of subtle brilliance who cares very very deeply about what and who he teaches. He has a unique ability to articulate complex esoteric concepts in a clear, direct and understandable manner. His classes contain an amazing wealth of information, as well as deep insights which can be applied in daily life. They are valuable for people of any background or level of learning.

Songs, Chanting and Stories from Chana Yaffe can be found at her web site, http://www.stories4peace.org

A sampling of the unique art of Menachem Yaffe can be seen at his site, http://menachem.geruva.com



eBay Sales

Many products are also available on eBay. Some buyers feel more comfortable buying through eBay than from an online retailer that they do not know. Prices may vary slightly. You are invited to read client comments.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me by email at editor@geruva.com